Wisdom Teeth

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Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed?
No. Some people have dental arches that are large enough to include three sets of molars, and they have fully functional and healthy wisdom teeth.

Why are wisdom teeth sometimes removed even if they don’t hurt?
Many times there are no symptoms of wisdom tooth trouble. X-rays may show us that there is the potential for a serious problem, or that other teeth in your mouth are at risk for damage. Teeth that remain partially or completely entrapped within the soft tissue and /or the jawbone are termed “impacted.” Wisdom teeth are often impacted because the jaw is not big enough to accommodate them. These impacted wisdom teeth may grow sideways, erupt only partially into your mouth, or remain trapped beneath the gum and bone. Bacteria and food can lodge under the flap of gum over the partially erupted tooth, causing infection. A cyst can form around the crown of the tooth and destroy the surrounding bone or neighboring teeth.

Because of their position, wisdom teeth are difficult to clean and are often victims of decay and periodontal disease. At Brighton Healthy Smiles, if we see a potential problem, we may recommend removing the wisdom tooth, even before it is fully developed. Dentists believe that it is easier to remove wisdom teeth at an early stage. The procedure is less traumatic with a lower risk of complications. Later on, roots are fully formed and strongly planted in the jaw.

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