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Brighton Healthy Smiles, Michigan DentistAt Brighton Healthy Smiles, we like to say that the mouth is the body’s mirror. Recent scientific literature suggests a strong relationship between oral disease and other systemic diseases and medical conditions. Specific cause and effect relationships remain elusive, but we do know that bacteria associated with gum disease can enter the body’s circulatory system through the gums (periodontium) around teeth and travel to all parts of the body. As the oral bacteria travels, it may contribute to the disease process in other tissues and organ systems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, orthopedic implant failure, and kidney disease. Links have been made between oral health and pre-term delivery in pregnant women and low birth weight babies. Whatever your systemic health concerns are, maintaining a healthy mouth is an important part of maintaining a healthy life.

Brighton Healthy Smiles dentists will help you maintain your oral health, and can provide insight on how your dental health may be indicative of your overall health. Call Brighton Healthy Smiles at (810) 227-6567 for a consultation with one of our experienced, caring dentists.

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